Someone asked me recently if I was nervous about publishing Hey Nana. What would I think if the reviews are poor and people don’t appreciate the message? I have no fear at all about it and surprised myself when I simply replied, those who need the healing message of the book will find it and hopefully be comforted by Connor’s stories of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

I suspect initially readers will be people who are my friends, family, and the people of Grand Rapids who were most touched by Connor’s murder by a young boy. They will want to know the intimate details of how Connor’s death touched our family and hopefully Hey Nana will help them heal from those wounds. But beyond that, the book will need to call to readers who are searching for healing, trying to forgive someone who has caused great pain, or to those like myself who are trying to figure out how to live a compassionate life. That call to readers I put in God’s hands. He has blessed me with miracles and love during these past months and it is His word that is infused in the book. He will make sure that the people who need the message will find the book. Amen.

Until next time, I lovingly smile at the universe and willingly serve for its highest good.

Toni Nunemaker