As I begin to shift my awareness from writing and editing Hey Nana toward publishing in February, it seems I am reawakening to the world around me. My thoughts and energy have been very focused on producing a book that would be meaningful to others for the past year and in some respects, it seems that I have not noticed the goings on around me. I didn’t get tangled in the political scene this past election year, barely noticing the issues candidates raised. I feel almost as if I am coming out of a cocoon that has shielded me from the goings on of life.

I guess I would have to admit that I have been bubbled for the past two and a half years since Connor’s murder. I have spent these months looking inside for clarity and personal growth while friends and family have supported me in their thoughts, prayers, and actions. I can’t remember a time when I have become wholly absorbed in myself for such a long period. It wasn’t selfishness but rather a matter of survival and ultimately personal and spiritual growth. I am coming back to life as more of who I am.

For this I am forever grateful that my lonely and painful journey is taking a new turn from the devastating pain to the joy of being alive and serving the universe again.

Until next time, I greet the universe with unconditional love and joy.

Toni Nunemaker