Film Students

One of the exciting things to come out of Hey Nana’s stories has been my work with Cornerstone University film students this past year. A team of juniors and seniors chose to use Connor’s story as the basis for examining the legacy of addiction, abuse, and mental illness.

Now, even though the director, Joelene Arndt and production director, Lauren Bailey have graduated, they have chosen to continue to work on the project along with now senior camera man, Joshua Skinner. Their initial assignment was to prepare an 8-10-minute documentary about the topic, but once we began working together, we realized that we couldn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg with the story of how my family collided in the universe with another family, both families coming from addiction, abuse, and mental illness.

I am excited to say that we will be filming interviews with my daughter-in-law, Dani, and the mother of the boy who murdered Connor, Anita next weekend as we continue to examine our lives and pose the question, can we heal from this tragedy. I love the enthusiasm and integrity of the Cornerstone crew and am proud to be working with them toward the possibilities of promoting healing.

Until next time, I look lovingly upon the universe.

Toni Nunemaker