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Film Students

One of the exciting things to come out of Hey Nana’s stories has been my work with Cornerstone University film students this past year. A team of juniors and seniors chose to use Connor’s story as the basis for examining the legacy of addiction, abuse, and mental illness. Now, even though the director, Joelene Arndt […]


Someone asked me recently if I was nervous about publishing Hey Nana. What would I think if the reviews are poor and people don’t appreciate the message? I have no fear at all about it and surprised myself when I simply replied, those who need the healing message of the book will find it and […]


As I begin to shift my awareness from writing and editing Hey Nana toward publishing in February, it seems I am reawakening to the world around me. My thoughts and energy have been very focused on producing a book that would be meaningful to others for the past year and in some respects, it seems […]